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Paul Roach was born in Dallas, Texas and has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia and moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in September 2017 to continue his photographic journey. Paul's pursuit of visual expression began by winning an art competition as a teenager.  While pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington and a musical career, his need for visual expression found photography. This passion for photography became a sustaining creative theme in his life.   A career change into Information Technology, allowed Paul to use his computer skills to embrace the emerging realm of digital photography in the 1990s'. Current day to day is a combination of consulting, photography, video, drone photography, digital recording, music and continuous learning activities. 


Artists Statement 

Seeing the world through photography gives me insight into the world and our interaction with it. Being creative keeps me energized, curious and constantly seeking new dimensions for my work. Photographing a subject freezes a place, a time and an emotion. From that unique vantage point, the possibilities for creative expression are limited only by my imagination.

Today's world is filled with photos taken by amazing cameras in our Smart Phones. Photo editing apps are easy to use and can provide thousands of effects for the photos. Many images are "selfies" which as an act of self-expression can be quite charming and fun. Nonetheless, "selfies" reflect an obsession with the self, which is quite the opposite of photographic "seeing". For me, photography allows me to step outside myself, to look at the world with a focus not possible with just my eyes.

"Seeing, in the finest and broadest senses, means using your senses, your intellect, and your emotions. It means encountering your subject matter with your whole being. It means looking beyond the labels of things and discovering the remarkable world around you."   - Freeman Patterson - Photography and the Art of Seeing   


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